5 Best URL Shorteners in 2023 (Free and Paid)

best url shortners

In actuality, shorter URLs are always preferable. They look nicer, offer customers and social media followers a better user experience, and are quite easy to obtain. You must be able to. We’ll share the greatest URL shorteners with you today so you can choose the one that best satisfies your link-sharing requirements.


One of the greatest extensively used URL shorteners is Bitly. And one of the factors contributing to this is the absence of account requirements. You may also construct an unlimited number of short connections. To prevent outside interference, Bitly encrypts any links you create with HTTPS. In other words, your intended audience will never have to be concerned that your short links will take them somewhere else.

Additionally, if you choose, you may make QR codes, use deep mobile links to direct the appropriate audience to the appropriate material at the appropriate moment, and swap out “bit.ly” for your company name. Free to use without requiring an account. Create a free account to simplify the process of establishing and managing links. The premium options start at $29/month if you require a custom domain and additional branded links.


An SPRL Basic Link Shortener is an online tool that takes long, wide urls, provides shortened URLs, and helps you track and control those links. An SPRL Excel Link Shortener helps you to create shortened URLs with a large amount of long URL data via an excel file and also helps you track and control those links. An SPRL Personalized Link Shortener works with data excel sheets in which you can pass dynamic data (key/value sets) of your request, which could append to the Base URL and help you track and control those links. An SPRL Web Link Shortener is an online tool that requires a link to your web page to extract and shorten links and help you track and control those links.


A link shortener with a twist is Sniply.io. You can create CTA blocks and add these to your website, blog articles, and social media accounts, in addition to having it create personalized links for your company. You can customize your shortened links in several different ways. You can customize the design by changing the text and color, adding buttons and photos, and making forms.

Still, trying to decide which will convert the best? Sniply will take care of you. Conversions can be optimized by doing A/B testing and controlling the data through the Analytics tab. Clicks, conversions, average pages per visit, and other metrics are all trackable. Brands, campaigns, and periods can also filter the data.

Its browser extensions for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and other browsers are an additional beneficial function. You can effortlessly activate the extension, enter the URL, edit your CTA, and produce your link from anywhere on the internet, whether you’re reading an excellent post that will be helpful to your audience or using a social media marketing tool like Buffer or Sprout Social. Free plan with bare-bones features. Plans start at $29 per month ($25 per month, payable annually).


JotURL is a marketing tool that is more than just a URL shortener for companies looking to optimize the links in their marketing campaigns to generate leads and boost sales. With more than 100 features, JotURL aims to maximize every contact you have with your audience by tracking and analyzing your links’ performance.

Use branded links to give your visitors a dependable and consistent experience. You can boost these branded links by adding a customized call-to-action message using their Social Opt-in CTA function, which you can then publish on social media.

You never have to worry about a broken link because everyone is constantly checked to ensure they’re secure and accessible. Additionally, they continuously monitor click fraud to weed out bot clicks so that you can block these sources or IP addresses. Contracts start at €9 per month, with discounts for yearly plans.


Rebrandly is the ideal URL shortener for branding and personalizing URLs to create a recognizable company in the crowded online marketplace. It starts by assisting you in setting up the domain name for your website so you may utilize it with each shortened link you make. But in addition to that, it has features like:

Link Management: For the best user experience, create quick redirects, QR codes, link expirations, and personalized URL slugs. Additionally, you can build links in bulk to save time.

Traffic Routing: Take the use of deep mobile linking, 301 SEO redirects, link remarketing, and links with emoticons to ensure that the proper people see your links.

Analytics: Use the UTM builder, enjoy GDPR privacy, develop bespoke reports for campaign improvement, and even add your company logo to reports to demonstrate to clients your ability to assist them in growing their businesses and reaching new audiences. Multiple domain name addition, HTTPS link encryption, and primary domain redirect definition are all included in domain name management.

Collaboration: Get your team involved in the fun of link shortening, set up two-factor authentication, monitor activity logs, and set user access restrictions.

Price: There is a restricted free plan, and premium packages start at $29/month if you desire access to cutting-edge features like link retargeting, mass link creation, and team collaboration.

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