Best 5 Image Compression WordPress Plugins to Use in 2023

best Image Compression Wordpress Plugin

It’s 2023. As such, responsive websites that look great on mobile devices, as well as desktops, are in vogue.

When used effectively, images can draw readers in and prevent web pages from becoming monotonous walls of text.

However, loading your website with images that have yet to be optimized can ruin the experience and become unbearably slow.

If you’re using WordPress, however, you’re in luck because many fantastic image optimization plugins are available.

While high-resolution images and a sleek design are nice, a lightning-fast website is invaluable. If you want to speed up your site, here is a list of the top 5 plugins for optimizing images by reducing their file size.


One of the best professional WordPress image compression plugins, it instantly and automatically resizes your images as you upload them. The use of reSmush is recommended if you have hundreds of images that are taking up a lot of space. You can resize all of your old pictures at once.

The only catch with this WordPress plugin is that you can only optimize your image for free if its size is under 5 Mb. It would be best if you took up the paid plan to optimize an image beyond this size.

#2 Imagify

The developer of the popular WP-rocket plugin has released an image optimizer plugin for WordPress. Imagify is an alternative to reSmush for batch resizing and compressing images. You can choose the optimal compression level for your needs and the style of the blog from among the three available options with this plugin.

Here are Imagify’s three stages:

With normal compression (also known as lossless compression), the quality and clarity of your images will not be compromised in any way during compression. You should use the normal compression if you are a professional photographer, a food/travel blogger, or a business owner of a clothing store.

Aggressive (Lossy Compression) — In this case, the image quality is not significantly changed, and the image is resized with only a slight loss of quality. It’s suitable for any blog or website where visual appeal is important but not crucial.

Select Ultra (Highest Compression) if you need your site to load quickly and are willing to forego some image quality. It greatly decreases the image size and helps your page load time.

You can optimize images up to 25 MB per month without paying for the service using plugins for WordPress, such as Imagify. The monthly cost of the premium version begins at $4.99.

#3 ShortPixel

Short Pixel, like Imagify, allows you to choose between lossy and lossless compression and restore the original image at any time.

In addition, it works with every file type, including PNG, JPG, GIF, and PDF. You can also compress all of your older images at once.

Exactly what makes this add-on stand out from the rest?

In contrast to the Imagify image optimizer and many other WordPress image compression plugins, Short Pixel doesn’t impose any size restrictions on the images you can upload for optimization. The best part? You get 100 free image compressions per month with the free plan.

#4 WP Smush

Another great WordPress image optimizer, this one instantly adjusts the dimensions of any new images you upload. WP Smush recognizes you. So, if the optimized version isn’t to your liking, you can always return to the original. WordPress uploads a larger version of an image, but this only resizes the uploaded version.

#5 Hammy

Do you want to resize the pictures to fit on all screens?

Hammy is the best plugin available if this is your main concern.

For the Reasons Mentioned Below

It scales the original photo to a variety of custom dimensions.

Images appear responsive and load quickly on various devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. One caveat is that it is incompatible with custom post types. Images uploaded to pages or posts are the only ones adjustable in size.

Put Simply

Attractive pictures can entice readers to explore your blog post by post.

But what if you launch your website at an unpopular time and no one bothers to check it out?

They will always leave a slow website. You need a lightning-fast WordPress site if you want more people to read your posts. Compressing images is one of the most tried-and-true methods to boost site speed.

However, there are a plethora of other options available.

Whenever you need your site sped up immediately, a good WordPress-managed host is what you need to call.

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