Best 5 Professional Ms Word Fonts Used for Documentation in 2023

Best 5 Professional Ms Word Fonts Used for Documentation

Microsoft word is a processing word program that allows the creation of simple and difficult documents. With the help of Microsoft office, you can download the application to the hard drive and access the online version. MS word is used to make professional documents, letters and various reports. The Word processor developed by Microsoft is MS Word. This has advanced features which allow an individual to format or edit the documents. Microsoft word is the application software that allows the creation, editing and saving any documents in the form of a folder. You can use different fonts while writing a document or letter. Among them, you can find which is the best font which has been used widely in the year 2023 can be listed below.

Choosing the professional font for documents

For writing a resume, you can select a certain font to have the best resume format, which meets the job searching goals and makes attract recruiters and also hires the managers, which was mainly decided by the font selection. List of fonts to use for the resume

  1. Garamond
  2. Calibri
  3. Cambria
  4. Georgia
  5. Times New Roman

Some of the fonts were mostly used for preparing the resume. This makes it a friendly nature for the applicant to track the file. Recruiters can not care about the fonts you are using as they read it on the screen, they watch the fonts used in the resume.

Hence, while writing a resume, avoid script fonts or any other fonts that look unprofessional. You can focus on the content of the resume which makes the standout candidate and move with the latest picks of fonts.


It is a group of old-style fonts that was often used in publishing prints. It is like a French renaissance font, so it is not technically modern but has many digital interpretations like adobe Garamond. This is an elegant, easy-to-read typeface with a great resume font for the wordsmiths out there. It is the most widely used font for the preparation of a resume.


It became a go-to font used with the rise of Microsoft office. It was released for the use of the public in 2007 and became the most replacement for the times new roman. This font is one of the familiar calibri and has become the latest widely used font. This was a familiar and great font used when you want the recruiter’s eye to pass the design correctly and get the content.


Cambria is one of the fonts which was released in the year 2004, which includes with windows and office. It is a blockier serif font which is designed to read well on the screen. Full stops are in the form of a square rather than circular. It is easy to read in onscreen and Compatible with ATS. It may not be available if the recruiter is using a Mac.


This font is made for the internet. Web admins need a typeface which works on all screens at all resolutions. Georgia was designed for the needs of and is considered to be one of the most wanted and readable formats. This is very excellent when you made the resume with this font. Now it is mostly used online and also at prestigious publications.

Times new roman

It is mainly used for academic and professional careers in the preparation of documents. Professors and editors require the submission of essays in this font. This is a great resume font. It is familiar and elegant. Sometimes it remains the most popular and is a commonly used font for files and documents.

Importance of selecting the font

Among these, you can use the selected fonts to prepare documentation and resume. Here you are provided with the five best fonts for documentation have been provided. You can choose the excellent fonts which were required by you and use the fonts which attract mostly by recruiters because they are the most attractive things first by the recruiter when they read it through the screen. Fonts are the selection criteria for the person who is going for an interview. For building a perfect resume, an individual should be aware of selecting the resume for their font.

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