Best 5 Youtube Drawing Whiteboard Software for Videos in 2023

Youtube Drawing Whiteboard Software

One of the best ways to create educational videos and presentations is with whiteboard animation. The rise in whiteboard animations’ popularity can be attributed largely to educational Youtube channels. These platforms rely on automated systems to generate interesting and useful content for their audiences.

You’ll need whiteboard animation video software if you want to launch an educational YouTube channel or if you already have one and want to incorporate whiteboard animations into your videos.

Various programs and websites are now available for developing whiteboard animation programs. The best apps are listed here.

1) Explaindio

When talking about computer animation programs, this one stands out. Explaindio asserts that it can be used with little training or experience. You can do most of the work by dragging and dropping the components you like into place.

Explaindio allows anyone to make high-quality videos with 2D and 3D animations. Make cartoons and stop-motion videos in addition to Whiteboard animations (full-motion video.)

So, if you need video-editing software that can do more than just whiteboard animation, look no further. You can opt for Explaindio if you like.

To add to its list of benefits, Explaindio’s annual plan is more cost-effective than its main rival, VideoScribe. When paid annually, the cost of using Explaindio is $68, or $5.58 per month.

2) VideoScribe

When it comes to whiteboard animation, There is a good reason why Videoscribe is one of the most downloaded programs: it’s incredibly useful. Using it, you can easily and quickly create whiteboard animation videos.

The number of stock images in videoscribe is staggering (more than 6000). The user can easily modify the frame by dragging and dropping elements into place. Moreover, you can bring in photographs you’ve taken or designed yourself. It also has extra features like importing fonts and recording your voiceovers.

Video scribe’s pricing is also reasonable, with an annual plan costing $96 ($8 per month). If paid every month, Videoscribe costs $ 17.50.

3) Adobe Animate CC

When it comes to designing programs, Adobe is a household name. Adobe also provides a powerful animation program called Animate CC. Although it could be more user-friendly, the professional-grade video content it generates is undeniably impressive.

It’s not just a whiteboard animation app; it’s incredibly flexible. Two-dimensional animations can also be made with it.

However, it could be more user-friendly for newcomers because it requires training before making any videos. As such, Animate CC is for you if you want to make videos that look like professionals made them and you are okay putting in some time to learn the program.

Pricing for Adobe Animate CC begins at $19.99/month when paid annually or $29.99/month when paid monthly.


Doodly markets itself as the whiteboard animation software that anyone can use, regardless of their level of technical or design expertise. It’s compatible with whiteboard animations but with green board and glass-board ones.

It also includes a large library of elements for making videos quickly. Create your shapes and designs with this smart doodle technology that allows for user-generated content.

It’s more expensive than comparable apps at $39/month or $20/month when paid annually.

5. Easy Sketch Pro

Another excellent whiteboard animation program is Easy Sketch Pro. Extra special is the fact that there are no ongoing costs whatsoever. It means there are no ongoing fees after the initial purchase.

Prices of $67 for business and $97 for business pro are also manageable. This professional business tool includes 12,000 high-quality photos and tunes. This one is also reasonably priced compared to other apps of its kind.

In sum, the apps mentioned above are the top choices for whiteboard animation. These can be very useful if you want to make whiteboard animation videos. Please share your experience with any software you’ve purchased below. The modern market requires informative and engaging videos to be produced rapidly. If we make an explainer video the conventional way, we won’t be able to meet that demand. Whiteboard animation software is a great way to give your videos a more personal feel and boost their overall production value.

Your brand and audience will benefit from professional whiteboard animation software to create stunning videos. Please remove uninteresting videos and replace them with whiteboard animations to keep your audience captivated.

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