How To Increase Organic Traffic through Facebook and Instagram?

How To Increase Traffic

Being famous as the powerhouses of social media, Facebook and Instagram are the best ways to get organic traffic and to draw a monumental or monthly audience with a promise of popularity growth. Facebook generated $54.4 billion ad revenue globally in 2018. If you are also looking to give a hike to your business then Facebook and Instagram are the best platforms. But now the question arises:

“How to stand apart from the general hubbub of traditional techniques to promote?”

So, the answer to this question is “stories”. In the era of frenzied posting, these stories are the social saving graces. The reason behind this fact is that FB and Instagram stories have a record of 500 million user hits daily proving that visual content is king.

Story is the solution – ever ponder “why”?

Effective stories are an immersive way to engage your audience. Short videos can inspire your audience enough to dive into your business.

Your normal posts get succumbing to drowning in the news feed but stories display at the top of these apps. Whenever your audience log in, eye-catching bubbles at the top welcome them.

In the era of advancement, flagrant information has led to the development of trust issues in our society. Because of the video authenticity, your audience can trust your business and services.

How to make your stories more eye-catching:

  • Use engaging, time-sensitive content
  • Don’t focus only on promotion
  • Post behind the scene videos
  • Share your expertise

Facebook and Instagram stories are very important tools to promote your brand in an effective and compelling way. So, give a boost to your search strategy with the experts to get traffic at DEH.

Our experts will help you to reach your target audience and to get organic traffic for top-ranked results. Contact us with your business requirements and our experts will get back to you with your solution. With our years of experience, we will create a kick ass FB and Instagram stories campaign for your business growth.

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