• June 6, 2023

Yali Capkini Season1 Episode 34 English Subtitles Release Date and Time

On Friday, May 26th, at 21:00, the English subtitle release for Yali Capkini Episode 34 will occur. This article links the air date and location for the STAR TV series Yali Capkini 34 English Subtitle and contains spoilers.

The first trailer for the 34th episode of Yali Capkini has arrived, and the anticipation is through the roof. Fans of the series are eager to find out what happens in next week’s 34th episode. In this episode, Ferit and Abidin, who abducted Seyran and Suna from their wedding, are searching for a secure location. However, despite their fears, Seyran and Suna are resolved to continue on their journey. Saffet Aa and Kazm Aa show up at the mansion in a group to question the Korhans. Esme leaves for Kazm without warning. The rest of the household banded together to help track down Ferit, Seyran, and Suna. However, Fuat does something to help Ferit out with Asuman. Tarik, like the rest, is perched on Fuat’s neck. The incoming news at the house will have far-reaching consequences. What, then, will transpire in the 34th installment of the Yali Capkini? Has the promo for Yali Capkini Episode 34 been made available yet?

What happen in the Last episode?

The two abductors, Ferit and Abidin, who took Seyran and Suna away from the wedding, are looking for a place to hide. On the other side, despite their fear, Seyran and Suna are adamant about continuing on their course. Together, Saffet and Kazm arrive at the estate to demand an accounting from the Korhans. Esme departs for Kazm in an unusual way. Together, everyone in the mansion searches for Ferit, Seyran, and Suna. On the other hand, Fuat intervenes to help Ferit with Asuman. Like everyone else, Tarik is seated on Fuat’s neck. Everything will change when the mansion receives the news.

Yali Capkini Season 1 Episode 34 Cast

  • Afra Saracoglu as Seyran Korhan
  • Mert Ramazan Demir as Ferit Korhan
  • Gulcin Santircioglu as Ifakat Korhan
  • Emre Altug as Orhan Korhan
  • Beril Pozam as Suna Sanli
  • Gozde Kansu as Gulgun Korhan
  • Diren Polatogullari as Kazim Sanli
  • Ersin Arici as Abidin

Yali Capkini Episode 34 Release Date

Yalı Çapkını (Kingfisher) Turkish Drama Series Episode 34 starring Afra SaraçoğluMert Ramazan Demir, and Çetin Tekindor premieres on Star TV in Turkey on May 26, 2023, at 20:00.The final episode of Season 1 of Yali Capkini has left viewers eagerly anticipating what will transpire in the upcoming episodes. This may explain why so many people have been searching for Yali Capkini, Season 1, Episode 34.

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